Proactive Reasons to Replace Your AC System

Proactive Reasons to Replace Your AC System

As temperatures soar throughout Florida, requests for AC installation and repair increase dramatically. You can beat the busy season by consulting with our certified HVAC technicians about upgrading your old air conditioning system now. It’s the best thing you can do to prepare for a long Marathon summer.

Our savings calculator will give you a good estimate of how much money you may save by improving the energy efficiency in your home with a new AC unit. There are three additional reasons that you may consider replacing your AC system now.

AC Repair Bills Add Up Quickly

Many homeowners wait until their air conditioning system is no longer repairable before investing in a more energy efficient system. Unfortunately, they spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on frequent repairs before paying for a new AC installation.

Repair bills add up quickly when your AC is no longer meeting the demands of your home or is too old to operate efficiently. The longer you wait to install a new system, the more you pay in energy and repair bills. It’s more cost-effective to proactively upgrade your AC and skip out on the repair bills.

Improved Quality of Life

Does your AC seem to run louder every year? Maybe it takes your system too long to cool your home or it never completely cools all zones of the house. In many cases, an air conditioning system that is loud and inefficient also delivers less than desirable air quality. Installing an energy efficient system can help with allergies while providing a quieter home environment that cools down quickly.

Embrace Advanced Technology

Zoned ductless air conditioning will save space in your home and money on your energy bill. It provides greater control over the temperature in individual rooms throughout your home. Our ductless systems come with smart controls that will make cooling your home even more convenient and affordable. You will also improve the value of your home when upgrading an older AC system.

To learn more about AC installation and replacement, call our customer service team at (321) 248-4838 in Brevard County or (305) 824-2265 in the Middle and Lower Keys. Our certified HVAC technicians are waiting to serve you.

Craftmen versus Workers

Craftmen versus Workers

In the world of business, it does little good to have a quality product if you cannot attract customers and establish a relationship with them. Conversely, your customer service skills can be extremely sharp, but if the work you complete is shoddy or a half-hearted attempt, your reputation will suffer along with your business. To be successful, you need both craftsmanship and customer service.

Book Smarts: Skill and Competency

NATE certification is the most rigorous test in the HVAC industry. Becoming NATE certified means that a technician has demonstrated technical mastery in the HVAC field. From air conditioning repair to a home automation system, NATE-certified technicians have the training necessary to do the job right.

Merely performing a repair or installation, however, is different from understanding the big picture. Workers simply do the job. Craftsmen take pride in doing a professional job. Rather than just fixing your problem, craftsmen consider what factors caused the problem, possible other related issues that can occur as a result, and what can be done to prevent further issues.

Company Culture Enables Learning Through Experience

Experience teaches what works and what doesn’t. What works is a positive company culture that emphasizes customer service.

A customer-oriented philosophy provides the quality assurance that backs up technical expertise. A worker’s approach is to schedule a service call. A craftsman arrives on time, listens to your concerns, and makes sure you’re happy before leaving. Company culture encourages and requires this level of expectation from their employees. It doesn’t happen automatically. It is a focused endeavor identified and promoted company-wide through a consistent level of expectations and collaboration.

Ellington AC: An HVAC Craftsman

Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat combines the technical competency of NATE certification with a customer focus from our company culture. Our technicians have the skills to do a job right as well as provide comfort solutions to your HVAC challenges. As we provide those solutions, we pay attention to details, including standing behind our products and service with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. The result? An HVAC company that enables workers to become craftsmen who deliver outstanding service every time.

To learn more about why we’re the most referred HVAC contractor in Brevard County and the Middle and Lower Keys, check out The Ellington Difference or call (321) 248-4838. For our neighbors in the Middle and Lower Keys, call (305) 824-2265.

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