How Technology Benefits the Effectiveness of A New Heat Pump

How Technology Benefits the Effectiveness of A New Heat Pump

The technology that goes into a new heat pump keeps getting better and better. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems are leading the way in energy-efficient climate control and now work effectively even when outside temperatures dip below freezing. Whether you’re researching your first heat pump installation project or looking to replace an existing unit, Trane has some impressive new features to consider.

Heat Pump Basics

A heat pump operates similar to an air conditioner. It uses a refrigerant to transfer heat out of the air indoors during summer and captures heat energy from the air in winter to warm the home even on chilly days. Heat pumps can be used year-round in mild climates and do not require natural gas for efficient heating.

Comfort Without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency

Top-of-the-line heat pumps bring a number of benefits to make your home more comfortable while conserving energy. For example, a variable-speed compressor allows the unit to run at a lower speed to better maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The system runs longer on the hottest days but uses less energy since it isn’t cycling on and off frequently. A variable-speed compressor can hold the temperature within half a degree of your desired setting. The extended running time with this technology also gives you superior control over humidity.

For mid-range budgets, a two-stage compressor is a great option. The heat pump can run on a low setting or on high. Compared to a typical single-stage compressor, this technology offers better comfort and temperature control in the home, reduces humidity and boosts energy efficiency.

Durable Heat Pump Components to Weather the Test of Time

Heat, humidity and salty air take a toll on heating and cooling equipment in Florida. Trane’s engineers put every component through extensive testing to find the best materials to hold up through heat, cold and everything else Mother Nature comes up with. On the outdoor unit, the fasteners are coated with zinc, the base pan won’t rust or corrode, and the louvers are made of galvanized steel to protect the internal components. Trane units also include a number of features that act together to reduce the noise level when the compressor is running. The quietest units run at a level comparable to the sounds in a library or during a conversation at home.

Convenient, High-Tech Controls

With the right thermostat, you can control your Trane heat pump from a smartphone or tablet in the next room or across the country. WiFi-enabled thermostats offer insight into energy usage, simplified programming and remote access. Trane’s innovative thermostats also integrate with the Nexia Bridge for even greater convenience as you connect your home’s systems and devices together.

‘No Worries’ Coverage

Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We stand behind all of our work with our own guarantee, and we’re authorized to perform warranty work for Trane and other manufacturers. For greater protection, Ellington now offers three money-saving AC and heat pump maintenance plans for residential customers in Brevard County, FL, and the Middle and Lower Keys. There’s an option for every budget and every heating and cooling system. Our lifetime “No Worries” membership plan includes:

  • Annual maintenance checks with a reminder service.
  • Corrosion coverage to guard against the salt air.
  • Temporary cooling measures if needed during a repair.
  • Full “bumper to bumper” repair coverage for up to 12 years.
  • Bulb replacement for UV air cleaners.
  • And much more.

Quality HVAC Services in Brevard, FL and the Middle and Lower Keys

To learn more about heat pumps or for a free in-home estimate for heat pump installation, contact Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat. Call (321) 248-4838 in Brevard County or (305) 824-2265 in the Middle and Lower Keys. It’s time you experienced the Ellington Difference.

Why Your AC System Could Breakdown During the Summer

Why Your AC System Could Breakdown During the Summer

Your summer is going along swimmingly. And then, in the middle of a long heat wave, you suddenly realize your air conditioner isn’t running. No matter how much you fiddle with the thermostat, it just won’t come back on. The good news is, you can take steps now to minimize the chances of a midsummer breakdown with AC system maintenance.

Neglect Hurts Your AC System and Heat Pump

It’s not just Murphy’s Law. Poorly maintained air conditioners and heat pumps really do tend to give out partway through the summer. If you’re like many homeowners, you have skipped preventive maintenance for years. You may have forgotten to change the air filters regularly. It’s possible that the extra demand to cool your home over the long, hot summer has finally pushed the neglected equipment too hard. The AC system might be low on refrigerant, causing the coils to freeze. Parts may be worn or connections could have worked themselves loose. And so, you find yourself on a waiting list for emergency AC and heat pump repair as the temperature and humidity in your home become unbearable. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Benefits of AC System and Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner or heat pump is worth the investment. Industry studies show that properly maintained units are less likely to break down. They can also last years longer before needing to be replaced. Additionally, proper maintenance helps the AC or heat pump to run more efficiently and perform better than a neglected unit. That means investing in just one maintenance check per year could actually reduce your utility bills and help you avoid costly AC and heat pump repairs. Just as you wouldn’t skip oil changes on your car, you shouldn’t be ignoring the maintenance of your AC system or heat pump.

Ellington Makes the Difference

Learn more about maintaining your air conditioner or heat pump with the help of Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat. Call (321) 248-4838 in Brevard County or (305) 824-2265 in the Middle and Lower Keys. We now offer three membership options so you can choose the right preventive maintenance plan for your needs and budget.

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