Newer generation heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment often has dual or variable speed drives. A traditional HVAC compressor is either on or off, blowing conditioned air at full blast until the desired temperature is reached. It then turns off, allowing indoor temperatures to fluctuate. When the temperature rises, the unit again comes on. Variable speed drives minimize fluctuations in temperature, keeping the indoor environment more comfortable. Here are a few advantages of variable speed systems.

Energy Efficiency

Variable speed motors work only as hard as is needed, which increases energy efficiency. During cooler times of day, the system runs at lower speeds, using less energy to maintain temperatures and control humidity. When temperatures rise, the unit runs at higher speeds. Usually a variable speed unit runs at about 67 percent instead of 100 percent power. By maintaining a constant temperature, the compressor does not have to work as hard. You save both fuel and money.

Comfortable Indoor Environment

Variable speed units create a more comfortable indoor environment because they are better able to control both temperature and humidity, often a concern in Florida. By reducing temperature fluctuations, occupants feel more comfortable. Units run more slowly and for longer periods of time at lower speeds, removing more humidity target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” from the air.

Prolonging Equipment Life

Variable speed drives reduce wear and tear on equipment, prolonging the life of the system. Units that run at full power for short periods of time switch on and off more frequently. Variable speed equipment runs at slower speeds initially, gradually accelerating instead of ramping up and running at full speed immediately.

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