Meet the Ellington Team!

It’s our goal to prove to you that we’re all about quality and that we’re a class above all the others. Our professional technicians, dedicated installers, replacement specialists, office staff, and even our vehicles professionally display our dedication to quality. We pride ourselves on being prompt, clean, courteous — and most of all, extremely knowledgeable.

ellington-ac-and-heat-employees mascots
ellington-ac-and-heat-employees mascots

Two questions were asked of employees of Ellington A/C

Q: Why did you choose Ellington A/C?

Q: What could you tell potential team members who are considering coming aboard?

Here is what the team said:

yoreilyA: “I choose Ellington A/C because I enjoy working for a local business”

A: “Ellington A/C is an amazing company to work for, we treat each other like family & we enjoy working among each other”

– Yoreily

A: “They make it about the customer, not the $$$”

A: Best decision you’ll make for you & your family. I promise you’ll see advancement & respect.

– Sean O Keefe

A: “I choose Ellington A/C because of their outstanding quality. Everyone in the business knows what level of quality they Ellington A/C brings to the table. I was sick of working for guys that always want to cut corners”

A: “It is an excellent company to work for, excellent perks, and a family friendly atmosphere.”

– Jason “jay” Williams

A: “Why settle for less? To beat the best you have to be the best. I knew Ellington A/C was the best and I wanted to be a part of that”

A: “If you really want to challenge yourself and be a part of something where you are treated with respect and act as part of team, then come aboard!”

– Steve Pittman

A: “I wanted to work for the best, where my skills would truly be applied”

A: “We are a strong team with a tight bond. No one is better than anyone else or treated that way, everyone is an equal. Great environment with great people.”

– Corey

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