How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Imagine a thermostat that you can control remotely with various internet-connected devices or your smartphone. That is exactly what a smart thermostat allows you to do. Here are some of the reasons why a smart thermostat is essential for your St Cloud, FL, home.

Remote Access with Smart Thermostat

You can control most models of smart thermostat via an app on your smartphone regardless of whether you are home or not. Many allow you to turn the air conditioner on or off even when you are at work.

This helps to keep your home’s temperature at the optimum level for your pets while saving energy. This feature is especially helpful in summer when the temperatures are hot and humid.

Many smart thermostats are compatible with various voice assistants. This means that you can regulate your home’s temperature just by speaking into your mobile device.

Smart Thermostat Learning Abilities

Some smart thermostats regulate your home’s temperature based on your historical data. This means that they learn your temperature preferences during summer and automatically set the temperature at the optimum level. Some can even learn your commuting patterns and set the temperature as you like it just before you get home.

Energy-saving Features

With the increased need to save on energy costs, most smart thermostats have a low-power standby mode. This feature activates when you are asleep or when nobody is home.

This helps to save on energy costs. A smart thermostat can use your sleeping pattern data to put the standby mode to work and only run the AC when you need it.

Good Looking

Smart thermostats are more aesthetically appealing than the conventional thermostat. They have beautiful touchscreens that make them very easy to use.

Extra Features

Many of these Wifi thermostats monitor your HVAC system and can detect problems before they occur. Newer models even remind you when you need to replace the filter and notify you when your air conditioning system needs maintenance.

With all the amazing benefits associated with these thermostats, getting one for your home is a good idea. The HVAC experts at Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat will help ensure that your home is comfortable, so call us today to learn more about smart thermostat installation.

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How Does Ductless AC Work?

How Does Ductless AC Work?

Ductless heating and cooling systems represent a unique way to approach installing an HVAC system into your home in Cape Canaveral, FL. They provide both heating and cooling through a single device called a heat pump and allow you to avoid installing ductwork into a home. Read on for more of the basics you need to know.

Overview of a Ductless AC System

A ductless AC system has one indoor and one outdoor part. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit through a three inch hole in the wire to accommodate refrigerant lines.

Common Scenarios When a Ductless System Makes Sense

These systems are common in older homes that do not already have ductwork installed. They can be one of the easiest ways to add air conditioning to a home that has never had a central air conditioning before.

They can also help to lower your utility bills if the cost of heating is expensive in your area. They are ideal for situations where you want to have climate control in a single room and not the entire home.

Benefits of a Ductless AC System

When you compare a ductless air conditioning system to a conventional electric AC and heating system, they are far more efficient. They use up to 60% less energy than a conventional electric heater to produce the same amount of heat for your home.

Ductless air conditioners are also able to lower the cost of cooling your home. A conventional electric air conditioning system will typically use as much as 30% more electricity to produce the same cooling level in your home.

Call our team at Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat and ask about ductless systems.The experts on our team will advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation.

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Benefits of NATE-Certified HVAC Technicians

Benefits of NATE-Certified HVAC Technicians

Today’s heating and cooling systems are sophisticated pieces of machinery. When you buy a top-of-the-line system, if it is not installed properly, then it will not perform as expected. When you hire a NATE-certified technician in Rockledge, FL, you can look forward to expert installation and service to help you optimize your HVAC system.

What Is NATE Certification?

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. This certification requires technicians to receive standardized training and to demonstrate their skills and understanding of the materials in the course. They must also attend extra classes on an ongoing basis to keep their certification in good standing.

Benefits of NATE-Certified Technicians

When it comes to installing or repairing your HVAC system, there are many benefits to verifying that your technician is NATE certified. NATE-certified technicians result in fewer callbacks from customers regarding unacceptable work and systems that are not working properly.

NATE-certified technicians have at least a guaranteed base level of knowledge, and they have standardized procedures that mean more consistency in the work they perform. In addition, they have real-world knowledge and must adhere to strict safety protocols.

What Does NATE Training Include?

The NATE exam covers general HVAC knowledge, construction knowledge, safety protocols, and the science needed to create the proper environment in your home. It includes knowledge of circuitry, gas pressure laws, and aspects of indoor air quality, sound, humidity and temperature. It is a rigorous course, and those who can pass it have a thorough knowledge of systems and how they work.

Hiring a NATE-certified technician lets you know that the job will be done right the first time. At Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, we have a friendly team of NATE-certified HVAC technicians who are ready to meet your needs in Brevard County, FL. If you need installation or repair services for your heating and cooling system, give us a call.

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5 Myths on Saving Energy During the Summer

5 Myths on Saving Energy During the Summer

Staying cool is a big priority in Satellite Beach, FL. Its location right on the coast guarantees a warm and humid climate. To keep you and your family comfortable, you should understand what’s true and false when it comes to your home air conditioner. Review the myths below to make sure you’re using your HVAC to its fullest extent and saving energy where you can.

Myth #1: Close Vents to Force Air to Other Areas

By closing vents, you don’t redirect air anywhere. Instead, you build pressure in the ductwork. Your HVAC air conditioning system will be most efficient when air is allowed to move throughout your home.

Myth #2: Shutting Doors Will Save on Cooling Bills

Again, this is false as anything that blocks airflow will get in the way of cooling down your house effectively. Instead of closing doors, make sure doors and vents are wide open all through your home.

Myth #3: Cranking Down the Thermostat Will Help

This is simply not true. Changing the thermostat to an extreme setting will not speed up the output of your furnace or your air conditioner, and instead, it will simply make them run longer. Choose a temperature you’re comfortable with, and leave the thermostat alone and you’ll be saving energy.

Myth #4: Fans Don’t Help in Empty Rooms

This one is actually true. Fans cool people, not air. If you have ceiling fans, set them to turn counterclockwise to create a downdraft.

Moving air will cool you directly. You may want to run your ceiling fans on low when you’re away to reduce hot air collecting at the ceiling, however.

Myth #5: Misters Will Cool You Down

Misters do not work well in Florida. Adding moisture to the air may help to cool temperatures in the desert, but adding humidity to your home or patio will likely only increase your discomfort. However, a kerchief placed in cool water and wrapped loosely at your neck can cool you down.

If your AC system isn’t keeping up, we can help. Contact Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat for an AC checkup and cleaning. If you require air conditioning repair or want to upgrade your system, we can help you put together a plan to keep your whole house more comfortable.

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Too Hot or Too Cool? A Zoning System Gets It Right

Too Hot or Too Cool? A Zoning System Gets It Right

End the thermostat wars in your home! There is an innovative way for you to regulate the temperature of any room or zone in your Middle and Lower Florida Keys home. Known as a zoning system, this is the solution that allows you to find the perfect temperature for everyone. Let’s take a look at what a zoning system is and how it works.

Why Purchase a Zoning System?

Zoning allows you to direct warm air or cold air where is it needed. Let’s say your daughter likes to have it cool in her bedroom, zoning can be programmed to adjust the temperature just for her bedroom alone. Everyone else in the house can enjoy the home at the same temperature.

Which Zoning System Should I Choose?

There are a number of smart zoning systems that you can put in your home. Two of the top zoning system include the Trane Comfortlink zoning controls and the Nexia Home Intelligence Hub. With the Trane Comfortlink, you can control different zones or rooms via a touchscreen smart thermostat. The Nexia Home Intelligence hub can control the zones and room temperature through your smartphone or another Bluetooth enabled device.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures in Every Room

Zoning works by using ductwork dampers or individual thermostats in each room or zone of the house. The dampers can stop or allow hot or cold air into a specific room or zone. This entire system is wired to a central control panel that is able to regulate each zone or room in the house.

Get your zoning system today at Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat. We proudly serve the South Florida area down to the Lower and Middle Keys. Our experienced technicians can help you pick the best zoning arrangement for your house. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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HVAC Tech Features You Want to Have Today

HVAC Tech Features You Want to Have Today

Your Palm Shores, Florida, home deserves the best HVAC functions to keep you comfortable and reduce operating expenses. The latest tech features in HVAC systems offer increased efficiency, more comfort, and enhanced durability. If you plan to shop for a new climate control solution for your home, these are the best technological HVAC features to look for in your next system.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps have been around since the 1940’s but didn’t receive wide acceptance in the United States at that time. However, these systems have since gained popularity in the U.S. HVAC market.

Compared to traditional HVAC units, geothermal systems are up to four times more efficient at heating and cooling your space. The technology uses heat from underground to warm and cool your home, and experts consider it more environmentally friendly than classic HVAC systems.

If your area has the potential for geothermal energy, consider harnessing the earth’s heat to make your home cool and comfortable while cutting utility bills.

Smart Homes

With the adoption of the Internet of Things and commercialization of AI and 5G, smart homes are gradually becoming a reality. One advantage of smart homes is that you can control every internet-capable device from your mobile phone. If you have a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature settings remotely from your smartphone or the web.

Sound Reduction

Old HVAC units can be noisy, and this affects your comfort when the unit is operating. Newer systems feature improved sound muffling and quieter components. Less noise means your HVAC unit will be less of a distraction when you want to sleep or relax.

Motion-Activated Air Conditioning

Zoning and geo-fencing are also a desirable upgrades for people who use smart thermostats. Zoning allows you to have individual temperature zones in different parts of your home. Geo-fencing will trigger your HVAC system to regulate the indoor temperature to a pre-set temperature when you’re within a certain distance of your home.

At Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, we are committed to providing you with the latest HVAC systems to increase comfort, improve efficiency, and reduce energy costs. Call us today for more information.

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