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Ductless Heating and Cooling Options From Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat

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Most homeowners in Melbourne, Florida, own a centralized heating and cooling system. In a centralized HVAC system, a single unit produces warm or cool air and a fan distributes it throughout the home by blowing it through a system of ducts.

Although it’s an effective way of heating or cooling most modern homes, some older homes in Florida can’t support the series of ducts it takes to install such an HVAC system. While architecturally unique homes might lack the means to support such a system, a centralized HVAC system in an especially big home might be impractical.

If you own a home that fits the description, rest assured that a ductless heating and cooling system provides a simple solution. At Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat, we specialize in offering and installing state-of-the-art ductless systems.

How Does a Ductless Heating and Cooling System Work?

Ductless heating and cooling systems depend on multiple blower units to work properly. Each unit is responsible for either heating or cooling a single room. Zoned systems cool and heat several rooms using one unit. Each unit or zone has its own control panel and thermostat.

Many modern ductless heating and cooling systems include a single control panel you can use to control all of the individual units operating inside your home. This allows homeowners to operate units independent of each other; you can turn each unit on and off separately and set varying temperatures in different rooms.

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What are the Benefits of a Ductless System?

The benefits and features of owning a ductless heating and cooling system are many and include:

  • Using them as a flexible alternative to space heaters and window units
  • Saving money by using less power to operate, with increased temperature control
  • Improving indoor air quality by offering multi-stage filtration
  • Fast and easy installation in as little as a few hours
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by following Energy Star guidelines

Contact the HVAC Experts at Ellington for Your Ductless Needs

Homes in Melbourne, Florida, are as unique as the residents who live here. A heating and cooling system that works for one homeowner might not work for another. At Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, we offer a full range of ductless heating and cooling services in addition to our services for traditional centralized HVAC systems.

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