*With base installation included. While supplies last, limited availability New equipment (not used or damaged)
Full factory 10 year parts warranty Base installation includes local municipality permit Equipment info: Ameristar M4AC4036 (outdoor), M4AH4036A1 (indoor), MAYHTR05 (heater), Honeywell 6000 series thermostat Equipment location indoor unit garage or closet. Outdoor unit ground level. Single family residential residences only. Use existing copper refrigerant tubing. Use existing drain line, new float switch included Use existing indoor stand/platform. Use existing concrete pad. Use existing breakers, high voltage, and low voltage wiring. Additional ducting not included. Financing options available, not included in special offer. Cannot be combined with any other offer, repair credits not valid Preferred maintenance 1st year is included, eligible for No Worries upgrade and discount.

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